Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Re: Woodall Man of the Year

Hey Steve,
Those are good questions about qualities and such.  I think we should try and keep it simple - like a few pillars.  I think one of those pillars should be "generosity" in all senses of the word.  Anything that demonstrates generosity with our time, talents and resources.  For sake of the annual award, this would be coupled with anything "selfless" and "others focused."
I would also like to note and encourage "adventure and risk" because I think it is a good quality in a man to take calculated risks for himself and his family.
I think we should also try and find a way to encourage being a better husband to our wives, but I'm not sure how or if that stuff can really be shared easily as those things will be primarily private.  
Let's think through the "Pillars" as a group and decide on 3-5 that we can all agree on and try to define what they encompass.  
For now, let's say that #1 is a "Generous Man"
maybe #2 is an "Adventurous Man."
What about something to recognize annual accomplishments, milestones and obvious successes that occur - ("Successful Man?").
And something to encourage the ones who may not be experiencing outward success, but inward growth - "Growing Man?"
I dunno what these things will be called or how they will be defined, but I think these are some of the things that I was thinking about when suggesting this idea.  
Dave, you're pretty good at qualities/categories?  What do you think?


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